eCommerce Product Photo Post Processing With Professional Image Editing Service

eCommerce products have become a popular choice in recent times. During the last decade, the business industry has seen the rise of eCommerce business all over the world. Since people are more into making their lives easier, these eCommerce sites have made their way into our portable devices successfully. Buying any product is just a click away. Now the question arises, what makes online shopping so much exciting and popular then? What is the hidden secret behind its success? Let’s take a look at some of the features of eCommerce websites that have made the popularity of this business growing.What Makes eCommerce Different?Well, there are a few features you should consider about eCommerce sites. First of all, it saves time and labor. Just a simple app does all the hard work for you. Plus, the products are displayed in such a manner that it’s very easy to surf and get the desired one. The categorization of products is user friendly. The products are updated regularly with the newest trendy items. Once you choose the product and make the payment online, you sit and wait for the home delivery. Some of the companies give the option for trial or return too. If you have any complaint or any queries regarding the eCommerce products, a team of dedicated customer care executives is always ready at your any help. All these features make an eCommerce business popular and successful unlike traditional business.How eCommerce Products Get On To the Display Generally, there are three stages of product display. eCommerce product photography is the first stage of this three. In this stage, products are photographed by professional photographers with proper lighting arrangements and setting. Next, those products are sent to professional image editing service providers. At this stage, many Photoshop techniques are applied to process the photos and categorize them under different types. Once the process is complete, in the third and final phase, edited images are sent to the eCommerce company to upload the photos on display. Each and every image of the products should come in a style where all the details should be clearly visible. Also, the attractiveness of the product should be consistent as well. The sell rate depends on the product outlook. Each product image should have the zooming option so that customers can have a close look at the product to check the finishing and details. The original color of the product should be clearly visible. It is unethical for the business if the color displayed on the site is faded, blur or poorly visible. Therefore, all these things should be clearly handled before displaying the pictures.What Image Editing Methods are Usually Applied?There are few category specific techniques in Photoshop that are used for eCommerce photography. There are products that are photographed against any background and needed to remove the background. Some products require the dummy doll to be removed. Similar designer products may need to change the color and sometimes some other products often need shadow retouching for an attractive look. Let us now look at some frequently used Photoshop technique for eCommerce image editing.Clipping PathThis is one of the primary techniques to crop a particular product and remove it from the background. Products are usually photographed on a white background. Sometimes, when in a rush or due to lack of arrangement, products are photographed against general background. Also, quite often, the lighting arrangement may not be appropriate or may not pop out as expected. In such cases, clipping path techniques are used for product background removal. This service varies based on the complexity level. From simple to super complex, different factors are considered to determine the level. For example, a simple T-shirt is very easy to clip, but a necklace designed with several wholes and curves will need more time and attention, which makes it a complex one.Neck Joint/Ghost MannequinIn order to retain the 3D shape of apparel products, neck joint service is a mandatory one that every eCommerce site. This service is also known as Ghost Mannequin service. Without this service, apparel products are really hard to put on display. Using this service makes it easy for the business to display the products. In this process, a dummy doll is used to photograph all types of attire. A close zoom-in photo of the neck side is taken as well. Once these photographs are sent to image editing studio, dummy doll is removed and the neck is joined by using Photoshop neck joint or ghost mannequin service.Color CorrectionMost of the time products come with few color combinations. eCommerce sites put every photo of the same design with different colors for customer’s convenience. Photoshop Color Correction techniques are great to change color of the same product. In this case, a single product photo is enough to change its color countless times. Every image of the same product in different color combination is displayed on the website shelf for the clients to choose from.Shadow ServiceIt often occurs that in product photography excessive shadow ruins the appeal of the photo. Similarly, few photos require a light touch of shadow to look more realistic. Photoshop shadow service is applied in such cases. The product looks more appealing and authentic. Usually, there are three different types of shadow service available- Reflect Shadow where glass or shiny products have delicate reflection so that the product looks more attractive, Product/Natural Shadow which brings the natural shadow under any product, and Drop shadow which is used for shedding shadows from different angles.These are the photo editing services that many service providers offer to eCommerce site. Without these services, it’ almost unimaginable to run an eCommerce business. Image editing service and eCommerce are intertwined. This B2B connection has developed a big industry of image editing providers. There are many reputed service providers giving uninterrupted service to thousands of eCommerce sites worldwide. we also provide any kind image post production service with 100% quality assured.

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